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Journal of Cognitive Science

Copyright 2007. Institute for Cognitive Science, Seoul National University

Volume 8, Issue 1,

Pages 1 - 107 (January ~ June, 2007)

On Apples and Oranges:Structural Alignment in the Selection of Social Comparison Standards , Pages 1-38
Thomas Mussweiler1, Dedre Gentner2
1University of Cologne
2Northwestern University

Children's understanding of intentional vs. non-intentional action , Pages 39-68
Livia Colle1, Davide Mate1, Marco Del Giudice1, Chris Ashwin2, Simon Baron-Cohen2
1Centro di Scienze Cognitive, University of Turin
2Autism Research Centre, Department of Psychiatry, Cambridge University

Sentence Processing in Late Bilinguals:Comprehension of Form and Meaning , Pages 69-89
Sara Sepanski1, Ping Li2
1Cornell University
2University of Richmond

Context Effects in Lexical Ambiguity Processing in Chinese:A Meta-Analysis , Pages 91-107
Jia Guo1, Hua Shu2, Ping Li3
1Duke University
2Beijing Normal University
3University of Richmond

Journal of Cognitive Science
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Seoul National University
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